Mohammad Zahirul Islam

About Me

Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are- Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious earth.

Hi! I'm Mohammad Zahirul Islam, I completed my Bsc in Computer Science and Engineering from BRAC University, Bangladesh. My professional expertise lies in web based technology and embedded systems. I am in deep love with robotics. And I like to travel. I have traveled a lot of places in Bangladesh. Also I have traveled Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Vellore in India and Utah, New York in the USA.

Get a deeper insight into who I am as a person. My path as a Back-End developer has led me to a focus in PHP and Java. I've designed web and mobile app solutions driving continuous improvement to processes, systems, work flow and customer responsiveness..


Feel free to knock me if I'm able to work for you.


Let's work on something amazing together like robots, websites, application.


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My Latest Projects

BRACU Mongol-Tori


Web Application

Rover Control GUI

Graphical Weather Station

Mars Rover


BRACU Mongol-Tori

Website, Codeigniter

This project is a team website created for team BRACU Mongol-Tori. The website represents the team details, rover gallery and their journey to University Rover Challenge, world's premier robotics competition for univerisity students, organized by The Mars Society.


Website, Codeigniter, Android, Graphs, Charts

Clima is a real time weather report application. It comes with two options website and android application. This is a research based project based on climate data to monitor air quality of a certain place. There are several graphical data representation in this project.

BPOS-Sales & Inventory management system.

Web Application, Codeigniter, Ajax, Barcode

This is a fully functional POS software for sales & inventory management.

Robot Control GUI

Java, Python 3, PyQt5

This is a java based serial communication application. By connectiong with robots via serial connection, robots can be easily operated. This application makes the control of remote device very easy. This GUI is used in mongol-tori for controlling and navigating the rover.

The updated version of this gui is a Python based TCP/IP server and client socket application which is more powerful and robust.

Graphical weather station

C#, Arduino, Serial Communication

In this project I have put together a Weather Station using a variety of sensors. The platform being used is an Arduino board with other sensors e.g. CO Sensor (MQ7), CO2 Sensor (MQ135), H2 (MQ8), Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT22), Soil Temperature Sensor (DS18B20) and Soil Moisture Sensor. The GUI is developed in C# interprets the sensor readings into custom gauges which offer a graphical perception that makes it easy to distinguish between different states of perception.

Mongol-Tori Revolution

Robotics, Control, Software

Mongol-Tori Revolution is a next generation mars rover developed by BRAC University. I am the Team Lead of this project. It was built for University Rover Challenge (URC), organized by The Mars Society. The competition took place atthe Mars Desert Reserch Station (MDRS), Hanksville, Utah, USA. We secured 13th place in URC 2018 and 18th place in URC 2017. The project is going on. We also participated in IRC 2018 in India, Digital World 2017, Bangladesh.


Website, html, css, javscript

System Acceptance Review

University Rover Challenge 2018, The Mars Society